North Lube tailor made Vogel Lubricant systems. Find out here how you can increase yours machines working lives


Reduce Downtime and improve your bottom line!

Avoid costly downtime and machine breakages by ensuring your machinery is always running at peak performance. Centralised Lubrication Systems installed by North Lube will increase the working life of your machinery and ultimately impact in a positive way on your bottom line.

North Lube supplies SKF Vogel centralised lubrication systems of which parts are easily accessed and will ensure your centralised lubrication systems are always functioning. The systems range from aids for manual lubrication to a few points through to automatic progressive systems and single line instillation. The automatic centralised lubrication distributes lubricant from a central source to the points of a machine at which friction occurs to minimise wear and tear as well as increasing the productivity and life of your machinery.

North Lube has a reputation in the industry for reliability and providing exceptional service. For more information or back up support (for existing customers) please do not hesitate to contact us.

Key Benefit
  • Protecting against unexpected machine downtime
  • Parts easily available and stocked in New Zealand
  • Save equipment costs by extending the existing
  • life of your equipment
  • Flexible design allowing installation on any vehicle type.
  • For the use on On road truck, tractors and trailers
  • Suitable for intermediate sized vehicles and speciality
  • vehicles such as Forklifts
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